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Royalty Free Music

Buster digital is a highly focused boutique Royalty free music library. We offer a variety of buyout and Royalty Free Music Its large enough to give you great variety but small of enough to focus on what our clients want and need. Our library is focused on Film Tv and Urban sounds. These includes film score, jazz, lounge, Urban scenes, Urban action, rock, electronic. By having a focused boutique Production music library we are better deliver what our clients need.

  Whats is royalty free music? Some people refer to it as buyout music.  Buster Digital provides royalty free buyout to all producers of multimedia. This means you buy once and use for ever. You never pay any royalties. However, Performance rights royalties are paid for by broadcast companies such as TV studios or radio broadcasters. Some libraries are all things to all people but Buster digital focuses on specific types of music. Buster Digital provides music for  several uses.

1.  Music for film, t.v or video
2.  Music for 30 second commercials
3.  Music for TV crime Drama
4.  Music for for dramatic film background
5.  R&B and Hip beats
6  Royalty free soul music
7. Royalty free electronic dance music
8  Rock instrumental music
9  Royalty free jazz and lounge music
10 Royalty free Pop Ballads


Most Popular

buyout music for commcercial use 


    Why would any one want to use royalty free music?  There are many answers to this question.  The simple answer is that most businesses or individuals who are working on projects that require music are not composers and do not have the money or time to hire one. This is what makes royalty free music so popular. But the term can be a little confusing. Royalty free music is not 100 percent royalty free. What it really means is that the artist or producer does not pay royalties. However a broadcast company has to pay Performance rights royalties. I know, its still a little confusing. Some companies that sell royalty free music have a structured pricing system depending on how you use the music, whiles others have a simple one price structure. So which one is for you? It really depends on what you plan to do and what music library you decide to deal with. When you purchase royalty free music you do not own it. You have purchased a license to use it. This term is commonly known as music licensing or sync licensing Here a list 5 things you can use for  Royalty free music.

1. Buy beats . Many underground rappers and independent artist need music for their demos are albums. Royalty free music for rappers or singers makes good since. Most do not have the money to hire a producer or a composer for their demo. there are many websites that that license 20 dollar beats. This means for 200 hundred dollars you may be able to complete an entire album. There are a few draw backs. Many sites require you to renew your license after you sell 5 to 10 thousand copies and other people may be using the same track as you.

2. Royalty free music for youtube or video editors  can make perfect since. Millions of people each year up  videos to youtube and need royalty free background music to help their video stand out. Make sure that the music you license is properly cleared.

3. Royalty  free music for video games; When was the last time you played a video game that didn't have some kind of background music to it? There are new video games being developed everyday and used everything from game consoles to cell phones. Developers can save a ton of cash by using royalty free music for video games.

4. License music for radio and t.v commercials. How often do you see a t.v commercial or hear a radio commercial without some for of background music. Big budget advertisers can afford to hire a composer or even get a popular song for an artist. Most business however have a budget and may not have 20 thousand dollars to spend on a song from a popular artist. In this case royalty free music makes since. This is one of the cases where the broadcaster would have to pay performance rights royalties.

5. Royalty free music for film and TV. I have to ask the question again. When was the last time you watched TV or saw a movie with no background music? The same rules apply here. Big budget films can hire composers and use songs from established artist but indie filmmakers can do that. Licensing music for film and t.v can really save a indie film or t.v producer a tone of money and save time.

6.  Royalty free on hold and background music. This type of music made use for grocery stores, on hold or just relaxation.

7. Royalty free music for electronic dance music. This music can be used for commercials, DJ's and some film and TV

  Over all there many uses for royalty free music. These are just the top five. However as society becomes more and more creative many other uses may emerge.

Hiram Kirkendall is a composer and owner of Buster digital LLC


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