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  To use the tracks by Buster Digital LLC productions you they must be part of some other production, for example a album, video, movie, tv, commercial or online ad. You may not under any circumstances resell the tracks as is. For any company distributing media you are allowed to sell unlimited copies of that media before renewing the license. The purchase order you print out when ordering a track is proof of your license. 

   If any track are used for broadcast purposes cue sheet must be filled out so that the PRO can be paid by the broadcaster to our composers. These tracks are royalty free so once you purchase a license you will not have to pay royalties. Keep in mind that Urban Audio retains ownership and copyright of each track and you are on purchasing a license to use that track under the terms set forward. These are the titles that must be used for cue sheets.

Q:  Why should I pay 299.99 for a track with Buster Digital when I can license a track somewhere else for 39.9?

A:  If you read the fine print on most licenses for 39.99 they are standard licenses.  This means you usages is very limited.  However, if you look at  their polices an unlimited license will cost you much more.

Q: Why does Buster Digital not sell a standard license?

A:  It makes things simple, We want to furs on making great music and not trying to track people down for improperly using music that they have licensed. Also we want you to focus on your project and no try to figure out what you can and can't do.

Q: Can I resell the track

A: No, not as is.  You can however sell it as part of your project. So if you made an album, movie or video game you may sell as many of those copies as you can without restrictions but you can't resell the track.

Q;  Will I own the track?

A: No, you will own a license to use the track, but Buster Digital LLC will maintain control of the copyright. 

Q; Is there a time limit on how long I can use the track?

A: No, Thats what an unlimited license means.  All usage is covered for how ever long you wish to use the tracks.