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Using loops and samples instead of buying beats online 

Over  the last ten years there has been an explosion in websites that sell beats or license 

music. These site will license a ready made track from 9 dollar to hundreds of dollars depending 

on how you are going to use it. Most stock music or beat selling site say they offer royalty free 

music. This seems like a perfect solution for aspiring artist, film producers, you tubers and game 

developers To many it appears to be a perfect solution. After all, as a video or film producer, you 

are not a…

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New Release for Buster digital Buyout Library  

ellwood, IL (PressExposure) June 29, 2014 -- Buster Digital LLC releases The Ride of the 4 Horseman for royalty free licensing. It is a collection of Action and adventure tracks for use in Film, TV video games, and other venues that require and action sound. It includes 10 full tracks, 30 and 60 second edits plus loops, intros or stingers You can License each track individually or you can license the entire album for a much better deal with a huge savings. All tracks Buyout and Royalty free music.


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The right Music for your next project 

So your next project is coming up or maybe you're almost through with one of your projects and the only thing preventing it from being a master peace is the right background music. You need what you need right now. Some projects such as a 30 second ad may only need a small 30 second piano or guitar peace but an indie film may need 2 whole hours of background and or theme music. Let's assume that neither of you have the time or the budget to hire a composer to create custom tracks. At this point many media…

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New Beats 

 Urban Audio goes beyound the average hip hop and R&B beats to bring you horror music, actiion, background, rock and many other genres.