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The right Music for your next project

So your next project is coming up or maybe you're almost through with one of your projects and the only thing preventing it from being a master peace is the right background music. You need what you need right now. Some projects such as a 30 second ad may only need a small 30 second piano or guitar peace but an indie film may need 2 whole hours of background and or theme music. Let's assume that neither of you have the time or the budget to hire a composer to create custom tracks. At this point many media producer turn to music libraries. Even with a music library finding the right sound quickly can still be an issue.

There are some things you as a media producer would need to know up front. The first thing is what are you using the music for and how often are you using it. This will determine what kind of library you should use. There are basically two main types of licensing, needle drop and buyout / royalty free. Do not be fooled by the term royalty free, this simply means that the media producer do not have pay royalties. However, the broadcaster will pay performance rights royalties or PRO. The difference between the 2 is simple. Needle drop libraries you pay every time you use the track. With buyout or royalty free, you pay once and use forever. In the past needle drop music was considered to be of higher quality than buy out music. This is not the case anymore due to advances in Digital Audio Workstations and samplers.

In this case if you are going to be using a specific track over and over buyout music or royalty free may be the better option. However if you are only using something once or twice and it works better for you a needle drop library may be your best option. But needle drop can be very expensive if you are using the track over and over.

It is important to remember that even if you use a royalty free or buyout library some may have different pricing polices for different uses. Others may have as simple one price polices and some may charge by the length of the tracks. There are hundreds of libraries to choose from so you should have plenty of variety. Some libraries are huge and may have 200 thousand tracks whiles others are more focused and may only have a few thousand. Either way both will be useful for finding tracks that fits your needs and budget. Some libraries may give you the option to purchase an entire CD. This is usually done with buyout libraries and can offer a better value if it provides the type of music you may need in the future. Happy Hunting.

Hiram Kirkendall is a music composer with over 3000 tracks to his credit. He is the owner of Buster digital a Music licensing Company.

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